How do you solve one of the disadvantages of urban living, the lack of surrounding greenery?


A Pocket Garden Project We have all heard about the advantages of living in the city, shorter commute, nearer shops and schools and the disadvantages, cramped spaces and higher rent. How do you solve one of the disadvantages of urban living, the lack of surrounding greenery? How do you transform an outdoor nook that has become nothing more than a storage and laundry area? The aim is to make an area that is disciplined, yet alive with naturefs elements, lush with plants, welcoming the outdoors, sometimes bathed in sunlight, other times pouring with rain, in other words, a pocket garden in the wash area of a ground floor apartment. Here is how to do it.
1. Clean the area. To get a good picture of what you are working with, clean the corners, the walls and the floors.
2. Define the space. What is it for? The aim is verdant greens but the work in the laundry area should not be hindered.
3. Get woody. Put up tall bamboos against the interior wall. These not only define the area and add texture to the space but it shields the homeowners from the outside urban scene.
4. Visual delights. When doing a space, conjure visual play. It cannot be flat and colorless. The vertical lines of the bamboo against the horizontal growth of leaves and the brown of the former material working with the green of the leaves are feasts for the eyes.
5. Make it low maintenance. Drop by the garden shop and ask the garden
supplier to point you to the easy care plants and to brief you on watering, sunning and fertilizing guidelines. Request him to do a little matchmaking with the greens. Using just one single type of plant is definitely uninteresting. Choose plants that appeal to you.
6. Indulge your whims, accessorize. Scout for interesting pieces like distressed wooden items and do not forget to get terracotta pots from the garden shop. In this pocket garden, terracotta candle lamps, baked clay vases and a small cascading water fountain make the garden more enchanting. A capiz divider separates the laundry area from the pocket garden.
7. Maintain flow. Think of the pocket garden as an extension of nature thus the river rocks. The white and gray pebbles lead your eyes from the floor to the small plants to the medium sized plants and finally the big plants right up against the walls.

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