In the bedroom, the problem is the very dated headboard fixed to the wall.


A Bedroom Makeover Let us invade the bedroom of a young, single female and transform her room used for simply crashing into something absolutely smashing. It is a one bedroom unit in a city high rise that comes complete with a kitchenette. Another perk is that the condo unit is furnished, no need to spend on furniture. The catch, shades of green pervades the bedroom, on the walls, on the curtains, on the ceramic lamps sitting on lacquered tables and on the headboard.
In the bedroom, the problem is the very dated headboard fixed to the wall. The solution , about a hundred planks of wood measuring 2hx3/8hx3 feet second-hand wood are nailed together making a detachable headboard to cover the original one and then finish it off with a distressed paint.
Other changes proceed from this detail. The long couch along the wall is covered with muslin slipcover, softening the linear angles of the furniture for an airier feel and a little shabby chic. The green curtains are taken down and replaced with pink ones. It is very feminine and matches the existing color of the room. The old lamps and side tables are replaced with side tables that follow the design of the headboard and silk Japanese lamps. Lime linens put romance to the room. The birdcage set on the floor against one side of the wall makes for shabby chic storage.
The work done, the bedroom exudes rough-around-the-edges look. It is now ready for a lie-in with bossa nova music playing in the background, just perfect!

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